Creative Director

Hiroshi Fujiwara

Industrial Designer / Director, Yanmar Holdings

Ken Okuyama

International industrial designer Ken Okuyama is widely renowned for his design work on the Ferrari Enzo and Maserati Quattroporte when working at Italian body-maker Pininfarina. In 2007 he launched his own brand, KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN, developing and marketing a wide range of products including automobiles, with bases of activity in his hometown of Yamagata as well as Tokyo and Los Angeles. Since 2013, Okuyma has also worked as a director of Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.



Founded in Osaka in 1912, Yanmar successfully realized the world’s first compact diesel engine in 1933 and has grown into an integrated industrial manufacturer providing total solutions comprising products, services and know-how for various markets with a focus on industrial diesel engines. Yanmar has expanded seven businesses globally, covering small engines, large engines, agricultural machinery and equipment, construction machinery, energy systems, marine engines, and machine tools and components.

Azimut Yachts

Azimut Yachts

Based in Avigliana, Torino, AZIMUT YACHTS of Italy is one of the world’s greatest high-class boat builders. In the 1970s, soon after its founding in 1969, the company achieved success with FRP boats. Having purchased Benetti (founded in 1873) in 1985, AZIMUT started manufacturing original luxury yachts and cruisers. Its productions have become a status symbol for wealthy individuals, combining advanced technologies such as FRP manufacturing, meticulously selected luxury materials, and supreme craftsmanship.